OFFest was established in 2002 as a second festival, which grew up from the long-established tradition of Skopje Jazz Festival. The main idea was to create another important music event in a different period of the year, and in terms of music genres, more wide-oriented. It was natural to start OFFest in the decades of full globalization that resulted in raising creativity, popularity and awareness of the so-called "world music". OFFest presents a variety of music from all continents, focusing on different categories, from traditional, ethno, folk, roots, to urban, contemporary and experimental music styles. A lot of renowned artist from all over the world performed throughout OFFest history.

The 16th edition of OFFest will take place from May 25–28. The featured line-up is fresh and hot as always. From Damir Imamović sevdah blues to Ljubojna sherbet love. The folk revival of Bella Ciao meets Gisela João subtle fado. Avantgarde of Black String perfectly complements with the minimalism of Maarja Nuut. Den Sorte Skole midnight session stretches the outer limits. Glitterbeat Records presents the deep and powerful afro roots of King Ayisoba and the electryfing voice of Noura Mint Seymali. Gisela João said – “Fado is intense, it is like life”. So is OFFest 2017.