BADI ASSAD guitar, vocal

Badi Assad is unique, an artist like no other. Known for her adventurousness—including pairing classical guitar vocabularies with “prepared guitar” techniques, Badi combines virtuoso guitar playing with vocalastics that include spoken and sung lyricism, vocal percussion and effects all at once. The quality of her music reaches such vaunted standards that many listeners gasp in wonderment at how one artist can combine so many musical facets in one single entity. In “Hatched”, her 2015 album, she goes where she has never been before. Her repertoire relocates popular songs from the Americas to her unique Brasilian landscape. Most of her songs are relatively unconventional and are set in the Brazilian mode without being overtly and rhythmically ‘Brazilian’. Badi Assad’s approach to both the music and her musical heritage and to the popular idiom is a clever blend of temporal ambiguity and uniquely focussed emotional precision. She brings to each song a floating long and ethereal, silken lines of an exquisite nature that are guaranteed to beguile the listener.

30 May • MKC Dancing Hall, 20:30