JEAN OH guitars, electronics
ARAM LEE daegeum, yanggeum
MIN WANG HWANG vocal, janggu, percussion

Black String aims to seek a new sound that can incorporate a variety of expressions in traditional music, as well as harmonize with other expression in world music. This new sound is interpreted by artists who embrace traditional music as well as jazz, reflecting both composed and improvised creations. Black String especially focuses on improvisation as an important aspect of Korean traditional music and attempts to create a unique language through Asian intuition and musical idiom. The group was founded in 2011, collaborating with UK artists such as Tim Garland, John Turville, Asaf Sirkis and Gwilym Simcock. They performed at many world renowned festivals and venues. Amplified bursts of sound of the geomungo (6-stringed fretted zither) and Korean bamboo flutes, the fierce quake of Korean traditional percussion, and unpredictable melody of jazz guitar will grasp all your senses. The leader of the band, Yoon Jeong Heo, joined the three jazz musicians during her tenure to form “Tori Ensemble. “Mask dance”, the new album of Black String, released on German “Act” label, got an immediate praise throughout the world. It can be simply described by three adjectives, which capture its essence. It is powerful. It is beautiful, and it is valuable.


27 May • MKC Dancing Hall, 22:30