MARTIN HØJLAND turntables, electronics
SIMON DOKKEDAL turntables, electronics

With the Copenhagen sample-duo Den Sorte Skole on stage there are no genres and no boundaries. It is musical storytelling across time and space. Armed with turntables, samplers and effect-machines they take you on a dark journey through everything from Moroccan traditional songs, Indigenous tribal hymns and field recordings of Cameroonian Pygmies to Himalayan reggae, French industrial noise and German electronic music. From beautiful soundscapes to heavy beats and everything in between! Listening to their last 78-minute album “Cowboys and Indians” from beginning to end, you are hard pressed to figure out where each track begins and ends. A raw, challenging and complex piece of work, bringing together forgotten musicians from more than 75 different countries on 6 six continents ( accounting 350 records and around 10,000 samples) in a global ghostorchestra, crossing time and space, stretching to the outer limits. This is arguably the most ambitious sample-based album ever made. Live, Den Sorte Skole feels like a dark and dizzying trip that shifts elegantly between earth-shaking bass and beautiful fields of sound, building an impressive audio-visual concept together with light-engineer Frederik Heitmann.

27 May • Stanica 26, 00:30