IVA BITTOVA violin, vocal

Singer and violinist Iva Bittová is one of the few artists from the Czech Republic to enjoy an international career. Her irresistible charm, original use of voice, and fondness of melodies that sit on the border of avant-garde and playground nursery rhymes won her devoted fans around the world. For many years she has worked in a range of musical genres including jazz, idiosyncratic folk, rock, contemporary classical, improvisation and opera. Her voice is one of the many extraordinary things: she shifts between speaking, incantation, and singing, and the sounds are given intuitive colorations that move perceived meanings up and down a trajectory of joy and sadness. Her violin, on the other hand, is a mirror reflecting her dreams and imagination. Iva Bittová has long been one of contemporary music’s great originals – and her work has always resisted neat idiomatic definition that deciding on a name for her style of music is far from over yet. The relationship of Bittová’s voice and violin is beautifully explored on her albums, which express the essence of her unique and extraordinary solo work.


27 May • MKC Kino Frosina, 20:30