Special guest: ZEA

KING AYISOBA vocal, kologo
AYUUNE SULE kologo, sinyaka
GEMEKA ABOBE AZURE guluku, dundun

Ghana's ancient empire and the 21st century global express. The rhythms that created the past alongside the beats forging the present, they all converge with King Ayisoba and everything morphing into one. And on his new album, “1000 Can Die” (Glitterbeat records), they stand together, history and today, side by side. It leaps over the sounds of the album's opener, "Africa Needs Africa," and remains, gentle and soothing, on the acoustic last track, "Ndeema." The album's producer is Zea, from the legendary Dutch post-punk band The EX. He speaks: “King Ayisoba and his band know that traditional instruments are stronger than anything modern. Playing them is a gift from God. They'll take what they can use from electronica, from hiplife (the hugely popular Ghanaian style that fuses the local highlife music with hip-hop) but they won't let it beat them, because they know what they have is more powerful. Their music is pulled from the ground.” It's a force that Ayisoba has inherited. He's absolutely compelling and charismatic. Not in his imposing appearance, but also in his kologo style, part rhythm-part melody and singing. Whether the words are in Frafra, Twi, or his own style of pidgin English, the sense is always there: this is a man who has something important to impart.


28 May • MKC Dancing Hall, 20:30