7 - 10 June 2023

Little Blue Nothing
A musical portrait of Irena and Vojtech Havlovi

documentary film

10 June • MKC Kino Frosina, 19:00

Directed by: Vincent Moon, Antoine Viviani, Gaspar Claus
Year: 2015
Runtime:49 minutes

Initiating the film series Musicians of Our Time, Little Blue Nothing is an intimate journey into the world of Irena & Vojtech Havlovi, a couple of two secret Czech viola players who live in the suburbs of Prague, out of society. The two musicians recorded in 1991 an album called Malé Modré Nic (Little Blue Nothing), which remained totally unknown at the time. Fifteen years later, the three directors discovered by chance the disc and, obsessed by the unique music it contained, they started to investigate the two mysterious musicians. This film documents their encounter, in the blue mist of the Prague suburbs.