MAWIMBI dj set

6 June • Club Epicentar, 24:00


Collective of DJs and atypical record company of the Parisian scene, Mawimbi creates since 2013 bridges between a musical inheritance resulting from the space of the black Atlantic (Africa, Antilles, South America) and contemporary electronic sounds. It is thanks to this little-explored interbreeding that they have developed their playing field in different forms: parties, residences, radio programs, compilations, remix work for big names in Afro music (Oumou Sangaré feat. Tony Allen, Calypso Rose, Blick Bassy, Femi Kuti)… After boiling their waves ("mawimbi" in Swahili) in most Parisian clubs and major French festivals (Transmusicales, Nuits Sonores, Garorock, Montreux, Solidays, RBMA Paris) Mawimbi is today asserting itself as a label offering to breathe new life into the current musical landscape by developing emerging projects (Loya, Onipa, Burland, Afriquoi), helping to define what a world 2.0 could be, eclectic, uninhibited and furiously inventive. The collective is now preparing a first eponymous album, accompanied by several very special guests, to be released in 2020!