NOURA MINT SEYMALI vocal, ardine
JEICHE OULD CHIGHALY guitar, tidinit

The latest ascending Saharan star comes not from Mali, as you might expect, but from Mauritania. Noura Mint Seymali is Mauritania's defining artist on the international stage. Drawing deep on the timeless repertoire of the Moorish griot, a hereditary class of musical poet/historians, her band conjures a full blown sandstorm of hypnotic grooves, melding traditional Mauritanian instruments, like the ardine and tidinite, within an electrified psychedelic rock band. Compared with its neighbors Mali and Senegal, Mauritania has enjoyed little international recognition for its music, but Noura Mint Seymali intends to put that right. A griot (oral poet) from a celebrated musical family, she started out working with her stepmother, the great singer Dimi Mint Abba, and now plays desert rock in a four-piece band. Noura Mint Seymali's debut album, “Tzenni” (Glitterbeat, 2014), was hailed as arguably the best psych/blues album of the year and charted at number one on World Music Charts Europe. Noura was named the Best Female Artist from North Africa. Her last album “Arbina” (Glitterbeat, 2016), was also considered as one of the best of the year.

28 May • MKC Dancing Hall, 22:30