6 June • MKC Dancing Hall, 20:00

ALSARAH vocals
NAHID backing vocals, keyboard
MAWUENA KODJOVI bass, trumpet
RAMI EL AASSER percussions

Singer, songwriter and bandleader Alsarah comes to us from Brooklyn, NY where she has been residing since 2004. But she finds her strength from her country of birth, Sudan. When she left her native country, she was just a child who'd shown an interest in music. She's said it served as her coping mechanism during a subsequent transition to life in the U.S. That passion led her to a university degree in ethnomusicology. It also drew her to musicians who were passionate about the intersection of culture, music and migration. Together, their one-of-a-kind expression has been called "East African retro pop." But that tag only scratches the surface: In their hands, the music pulses, breathes and comes alive with a mix of tradition and contemporary influences. Since their first show in October of 2011, the group has performed nationally and internationally at many prestigious festivals and venues. With audiences varying in age and ethnicity, the Nubatones has proven over and over that soul crosses all cultural and linguistic barriers. In between albums Alsarah also works with the Sudanese artist collective Refugee Club Productions on a variety of projects including the critically acclaimed documentary “Beats of the Antonov”.