1 - 4 June 2022


2 June • National Opera & Ballet, 21:30

LUCAS SANTTANA vocal, guitar

CAETANO MALTA MPC, electric bass JAMES MULLER percussions

Long before his 30th birthday, Brazilian wunderkind Lucas Santtana had absorbed more music than most professionals would encounter in their lifetimes, having traveled around the world with the biggest names in Brazilian Tropicalia. Nephew of Tom Zé and son of the legendary Tropicalist producer Robert Sant’Ana, the young man from Bahia was first introduced in his early twenties, when he was discovered by Brazilian super-heavyweights Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso. For over two decades, he has released 8 astonishing albums and composed music for various MPB stars including Fernanda Abreu, Marisa Monte and Daniela Mercury, becoming one of the hottest musical properties south of the Equator. Now the singer, composer, producer and elemental force of the Brazilian new wave from Salvador de Bahia has returned to the roots of the Brazilian guitar tradition of the 1950s to deliver a post-tropicalist electro-acoustic pop album with themes addressing the rise of reactionary politics and its dangerous disregard for human rights and the environment. Santtana has chosen an intimate setting to pit light against dark times. As he says, “We’re living in a time in which everybody is talking loud. I thought the time had come to whisper into people’s ears.”