THAVIUS BECK programming, production

Born in Newburgh, New York, United States in 1972, Saul Williams is considered a powerful voice of the hip-hop generation as a poet, actor, rapper, singer, writer and musician. Williams’ artistic pursuits are many and varied, but from his beginnings at mid-90s poetry slams through a handful of albums and poetry collections, his focus has remained unchanged: using revolutionary words to remind audiences that the personal is political. Williams has been breaking ground since his debut album, “Amethyst Rock Star”, was released in 2001. Earlier this year Williams released his fifth album, the evocatively-titled “Martyr Loser King”, and his diatribes are as timely as ever, with protests about police brutality, government control and economic disparity erupting around the world. “Martyr Loser King”, tells the story of its eponymous fictional character, a Burundian miner-turned-hacker who starts a revolution from his computer. Williams fuses his progressive poetry and lullabies for liberals with melancholy melodies over an industrial-tinged palette of polyrhythms, building towards frenzied crescendos as he hybridizes rap, dance, punk and more.

28 May • MKC Dancing Hall, 22:45