11 November • National Opera and Ballet, 20:00

ANA KRAVANJA violin, viola, ribab, daf, ocarinas, mizmar, flute, balafon, cümbüş, kalimba, various objects, voice
IZTOK KOREN guembri, banjo, three-string banjo, tank drum, bass drum, percussion, balafon, chimes, various objects
SAMO KUTIN hurdy gurdy, tampura brač, lyre, lute, brač, chimes, balafon, frame drum, ocarina, ikitelli, one string bass, ukulele, mizmar, gongoma, acoustic resonators, various objects, voice

„We don’t want to play something that sounds like it already exists“. Slovenian ‘imaginary folk’ instrumental trio Širom returns with a kaleidoscopic third album, „A Universe that Roasts Blossoms for a Horse“ (Glitterbeat records). And with the new series of concerts throughout the world. The intertwining of diverse musical approaches and tools, histories of sounds and unbridled musical imagination and craftsmanship is the expansive guiding principle of the Širom trio, whose members stem from the different regions of Slovenia (Prekmurje, Tolminsko and Kras). More than a dozen instruments, handmade and global, can be found in the repertoire of Iztok Koren, Samo Kutin and Ana Kravanja and at least as many given musical forms that can be perceived as an inspiration behind the character of this new ensemble. However, in their practice as well as experience they remain anchored in their creative process to an extent that allows them to avoid merely reflecting existing patterns. What this generates in an original, stylistically homogeneous form of expression that oscillates between a wide array of folk sounds and contemporary acoustic rock-style meditations. The end result is grounded yet still mystical minimalism. Širom’s music is contemplative, but can get harder when necessary, it is closer to being band- than chamber-like, to being street as opposed to urban in nature.